Gange, born from the desire to create a brand linking femininity, aesthetics and ethics.

Gange, not the history of a meeting.

Gange, the story of a mother and her daughter.
Separated on several occasions by the risks from the life, they wanted to be found around a joint project, of an object fetish, the handbag.
Female symbol par excellence, memory of a little girl.
They dream to propose bags whose material would be nonharmful, respectful of the environment and not resulting from the petrochemicals.

The first word of the brand was Gange.

Very quickly, they wanted to find a brand name. It had to be short, to make one think of a link, something powerful and at the same time impalpable, a bit like a perfume.
Life, water, sea and the mother, filiation, the river: Gange, crowned river traversing India, symbol of the life, was essential like an obviousness.
And then in Gange there is the word “ange", witch means "angel", and they like it so much !

one and the other

One is sensitive to arts and with the creative process, the other works in marketing.
One is the Muse of the other which formats the femininity of youth.

Together, they were put to draw, test, work out and manufacture.
Very quickly of the choices are made, of the choices which resemble to them.

The forms will be graphic, geometrical.

Pure lines for better clarifying the gleaming colors.
Each collection will be made in small series and entirely with the hand: requirements of the invisible seams.

Rachel and Elise are happy to propose to you bags made in France with all the attention which they deserve.
Their innovative forms will allure you, it is certain!